Monday, September 24, 2007


My pictures of my room yesterday were all dark, and perhaps even ominous appearing to some, so I wanted to show the room more fully today.

I mentioned the room in the first place because it brings me so much joy, first of all, and secondly, it is so amazing the peace I feel upon entering it, as I said. It's not just the lovely and inspiring quotes I have on parchment pinned up on the wall, or the gorgeous pictures by my favorite painter, John Williams Waterhouse.

It's all of it.

It's my purple meditation candle (a new candle, but it's always purple) surrounded by various stones that remind me to be the things I want to be - Be Creative, Be Kind, Be Love, Be Beauty, Be Ever-Expansive, Be Abundant, Be Receptive.
It's the tranquil smell of incense and oils.
It's my books.
It's the tiny jars of herbs.
It's my altars (there are two).
Meditation music.
It's my working table with my stones and all of my favorite tools within reach.
It's looking around, and seeing all of the things that I love.
They're only things, of course. They're not as important to me as my children, and Eric.

But, too, there are no traces of anyone else in the room - only me. Only my thoughts, my dreams, my personal journey, my desires regarding who I want to be, and my Truths.
Maybe it's selfish... but it doesn't feel selfish.
It feels... wonderful.
Something to appreciate and cherish.
It feels supporting, and peaceful, and beautiful, and right.

If I lived in a tropical clime, no doubt I'd have a green garden with palms, and a japanese rock garden, and Tibetan statues, and lots and lots of lovely bamboo. And a pond. And orange trees. A zen sort of place.
But I don't.
If I lived in England, and had access to a magical forest, I'd find a great oak that was hundreds of years old that hid at its base a secret doorway to an underworld of faery kings.
Or I'd have an enchanted cottage with a thatched roof and a huge fireplace that would hold a great cauldron. (What I'd do with it, I don't know -grin- but I like the idea!)
Folks would come from all around asking for love potions and cures for their babe's fussiness.
Where was I?
Oh, yes.
My little room.
I'm not advocating being selfish.
But mostly our children have their own space.
And while we Mama's are certainly Queens of the Castle, and get our way with most of its trappings, those of us doing our best to live our lives in partnerships with our families don't usually claim a space for ourselves.
I have done so, and I find it a wonderful thing, indeed.


whimsigal said...

It IS a wonderful thing! I didn't find your pictures ominous at all, they were intimate and private. It felt like you were giving us a peek into a world that is unseen by many.

Like one of those secret openings to the faery realm.

Many times today I was sitting in our den, plotting how to create my own space because, as always, you have inspired me.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad!
I think you Should have a place to call your own.
Something that suits you perfectly. Makes you happy, and makes you say "aaaaaaaah".
I am looking forward to your reports on ideas and expressions!

Aubrey said...

Your space is absolutely unselfish if you ask me.
Everyone needs a place to call their own, especially mamas.
Having a place to get refocused and renewed will only allow us to be more inspired when it comes to caring for our families.
There should be no guilt in that...

Rinnyboo said...

I used to have my own space. Now it is Ian's (my son) room. I still have a lot of my stuff in his room since he never spends any time there. It has sort of become a junk room...

Perhaps it is time to clean it out and make it more of a comforting space!

Thanks for sharing your room.

Stephanie said...

hi Rinnyboo!
Nice to see you here.
I did that, too, I had a beautiful sunlit room before my daughter.
Now I'm in the dungeon!
I don't mind - turns out it's quiet (when no one is stomping overhead), and it works for me. Sometimes I even like that it has no windows - though I'd love to have some living things in there!
We just make it work however we can, if we have the desire.