Thursday, September 20, 2007

You Make Me Dizzy, Miss Lizzy...

Yes, I've neglected this blog! (relatively speaking)
Life's been busy. ie - The Babes have been busy, and I've just been trying to keep up. Forget about this one - I can barely maintain o.l.m.

I must confess... I don't mind.
I'm not feeling particularly proud or accomplished with our various escapades, but I must say it is so lovely to be in a place (regardless of how it appears to others) of astounding interest and growth.
Life appears fascinating and enchanting to Trev and Cakes, and that's all that I could possibly wish for.

There have been moments... believe me, there have been moments!

Right after I wrote my last "I am the Queen of Cool" post, Trev threw his electric toothbrush into a despicious puddle on the bathroom floor.
Last night while making cookies, Maddie got her forearm whipped up into the hand mixer's... thingies. (What the heck are they called?) Trauma-a-rama. It was awful, I don't mind telling you.
A minute later, after a full recovery (hers, not mine) she drug off the new cookie cutters, and it took me a half hour (of aggravation) to find them.
Next morning was a 32 ounce glass -?- full of lemonade that was dropped straight down (Maddie) and exploded straight up, and then straight sideways all over my kitchen floor.
Maddie has not felt Quite The Thing lately... we all know what that does to a tot's disposition....

I've had my moments, Friends.
I am sorry to say that I cannot - truth now, impart any wise words or serene comments.

I am, however, coming to a place of (possibly) realizing that the perfect days will absolutely include a bit of chaos.

The other day, the children were all up in arms, we were getting ready to go, general chaos/chaos, I was getting aggravated, and Eric The Sage said blithely "What?, it's just Ordinary Family Chaos...."

Ordinary Family Chaos.
Mayhaps I should change olm's title.

Hopefully more tomorrow - when I am fresh and new, and the day dawns bright and clear....
Oh, and it'll be quiet....


whimsigal said...

Good lord, she got her hand caught in the beaters?? Ouch! I can't imagine that felt too good.

We don't come here always looking for wise and serene. We come here for the real and honest view of your world. We all have "those days" and it helps to read about them as well as the sparkly moments!

It doesn't matter what kind of day you have because the way you write about it highlights the beauty in the chaos regardless of anything else.



Stephanie said...

Yeah! Well, not the beater part, but the stems. It was awful!
I expected she'd be black and blue, but she's not.

I didn't mean to suggest that I am always wise and serene :), just meant that I'm in Pursuit of Patience, so I'd like to report on my successes.
:)xxoo back to you!

Kimba said...

I used to have a "problem" with expectations and perfection (not until this past year did I realize it,though). This problem was that if one little thing went wrong (and destroyed my vision of how things "should" be) during the day, then the day was a failure!

I have since come to my senses and realized that the day is only a "failure"/rotten/etc. if I so choose to call it that.

I guess in my incredibly obtuse way, I'm saying that I too, am trying to embrace "Regular Family Chaos" and learning that it is much more fun for everyone if I laugh about it!

Oh and I love your blog. I like how honest you are!

Stephanie said...

Kimba - exactly!
Thus my desire to be more fluent and malleable.
Rigidity just ruins everything.
Thanks so much for your support and kind words.

Life With Us said...

I love that. "Ordinary Family Chaos". I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. Thanks!! You have been very inspiring in my quest for RU!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much leaving a comment!
I have been to your blog, and I'll look forward to see how it develops!