Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Compass Point and Views on God

I'd like to use this post as a reference.
Instead of inserting in particular posts why or how I believe God to be, I would like to reference this one, and one can choose to read it, or not.
My thinking behind this is that I'd rather connect with people, and explaining what I believe God to be might be counter-productive to or distracting from that aim.

So here it is, much of it taken from another post.
I believe in God, but it's a sort of "The Force" sort of God. It's everything. It's in everything. It's the energy that binds us - indeed, the Universe- together.
I don't believe in a judging, condemning God.
I believe that God in His Wisdom, and absolute Love for Her children, would never condemn one of those beloved children to an eternity of damnation.
I sometimes refer to God as a person - but I believe that God is All things - there is nothing that She is not, and He can and does appear in any form.

Which leads me to the second half - the compass point.
By this I mean getting to a place where I can recalibrate - like a compass calibrating to true north.
I personally am best and quickest able to get there by imagining how a discussion of the particular topic would go with God. And how God would embrace me and my ideas (as all are embraced, and none is above another), while also communicating with me and not passing judgment.
In this place I am able to shed all judgments of "good" and "bad".
In this place there is no fear, no superiority, no righteous indignation, no name calling, and no failure.

This is where I like to begin to find resolution.

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