Thursday, October 04, 2007

fanciful notions

Have I ever mentioned that as a child I always believed that my animals and toys came to life when I wasn't watching?
Well, I did. In fact , I am still very careful to not store them upside down (as I get dizzy very easily myself) and always take care to cover them up in the winter. Can't have anyone being cold.
I went in to attack tidy up Trev's room (I didn't really go in with a bottle of moonshine, in case that's what your thinking from this post) and pretty soon -like two minutes in- my children started coming in at regular intervals to ask "Done, yet?"
Grit my teeth.
"Not yet."
About two minutes later here the Little Darlings come again. "Done yet, Mom?"
"Not yet."
They had a notion to play ScoobyDoo and the Haunted Castle, you see. Later to be named Scooby Doo and The Ghosts of Fontecastelo.
The idea was to get a large(ish) section of my son's room clean, and the dears could play there while I cleaned the rest of the room.
After clearing (and vacuuming, as one cannot create properly in a mess) said spot, I started thinking, "Hmmm, wonder how much time I have?"

I just really love The Knight's Castle. Bought it one year for Trev for Christmas, just because I love it so much. And some beautiful Schleich figures to go along with it.
I have time, I thought. My son's expression was an interesting one when he came in and I told him I wasn't quite ready, and that I was playing.
And then it showed serious concern when he saw that I had given my Knight friend a very real mug of frothy ale.
Ah well.
I am absolutely certain that he (my knightly friend) greatly appreciated it. See his smile?

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whimsigal said...

We have this exact castle!! I had never thought about using those gorgeous figures in the castle. You've given me a great idea!

Love this post!