Thursday, October 11, 2007

practically perfect corners

the livingroom
my room
the den
my bedroom

the playroom
the bathroom

madeleine's room
trev's room.

I love this clean house.


piscesgrrl said...

Wowie! Gorgeous! Revel in it now. (*Quick, like NOW. ;-)

And your bedroom, too. Excellent. Will you come over and create a special room for me? Pretty please? I'll tell you what I like - it's in the implementation that I get all hung up.

Stephanie said...

too late! too late!
Just kidding.

And, yes, I'll be over right away, to offer any help I can.

Irreverent sidenote:
I worked in bars in my twenties, and one time this guy said to me (quite the come-on, rolls eyes) "Tell me your greatest fantasy." and I said "That I just won Publisher Clearinghouse Sweepstakes." and he got all "no that's not what I mean" just as if I didn't have a brain in my head.
He later told me that he asked another girl, and she got all dreamy-eyed and said with a sigh "Coming home to a clean house."
I laughed.
Poor guy.

whimsigal said...

Your house looks awesome! I hope you were able to enjoy it!