Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Second Sunday

Today I was thinking about the month of Sundays.
I was thinking - there has to be some sort of theme, otherwise I may just end up doing a set of gratitude posts again.
Not that I didn't love those, and appreciate them. I surely did.

But the Month of Sundays needs to be done with intention.
So how to proceed?

I hadn't given it all that much thought, I was exploring gentleness, first, then I had lots of other things to take care of.

Today I saw my last few blooms (perhaps) on my roses, and I thought, "Now there's something."

I grabbed my Gathering Basket (anytime I am going to cut flowers, I like to make it as special an affair as possible, I always use particular scissors or my favorite handtool, and my beautiful basket) and scissors, and went in search of the last of my rosy blooms to bring into the house.
I started thinking - gifts to myself.

Things like
a clean house.
forgiveness when it's needed.
spending an hour making an artful project just to take a picture of it.
time in a coffee shop - just me and my notebook - enjoying a scrumptious little pastry and a steaming cup of some delicious exotic tea.
a day filled with gentleness.
patience for my shortcomings.
an early morning start - like getting up around three am, just because I am inspired to write.
a whole day of reading. (to be best enjoyed in a clean house, of course.)

What does Sunday mean to me?

natural patience.
breezy and flowing.
scones or crepes for breakfast.
These are the sorts of things I wish to give myself.

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