Friday, October 26, 2007

timeline details

I don't know if it was a rhetorical comment, but here's a better close up for Evie.

It consists of things like
1 bya Multicellular organisms appear; initially colonial algae, and later seaweeds living in the ocean
900ma The choanlaflagellates develop. THese protists are considered the ancestors of the entire animal kingdom.
750-580 ma Precambrian Varangian Ice Age - So severe that oceans freeze except for in the tropics. Last big freeze, after this evoloution begins to accelerate.
600ma Spounges develop from cell colonies. Following spounges are jellyfish and multicellular animals, appearing in the ocean.
590ma Cambrian - Aquatic life is developed. All modern phyla of animals develop. First vertebrates arise, trilobites are abundant. Flatworms, the first animals with a brain have developed.
360ma Plants evolve seeds.
You get the idea.
Very fun.
Well, for me it is.
Trev's thrilled that we're in the carboniferous and the Permian, now.
I wish my desktop was working so I could print out some pictures - but it can wait.


whimsigal said...

NOT rhetorical!

This is amazing!!!

You must have a ginormous room in which to put this timeline.

Stephanie said...

No, it's just going down the hall, around, across, back up the hall, and back up the stairs.
Not all that big.

But I figure we're not interested in EVERYthing, and we have enough for the stuff that will interest us.
Tools and fire will be on it, but not the Jews fighting the Gentiles, if you see what I mean.

Just stuff we like and find fascinating.

There will be lots of pictures of important figures, and special occasions.

We'll see.