Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wierd Things meme

Evie tagged me for this one. Maybe I should just pretend that I didn't see it?
No, that wouldn't work, she knows I read her blog daily....

10. Taking a cue from Evie (aka Edie) I'll say that to touch my tummy (belly) button is to journey into the center of the earth - it's quite violating and sends my brain into spasms - Don't Do It. I may never forgive you.

9. I really don't like spiritual/inspirational music (and don't consider myself Christian), but I could listen to Bing Cosby and Perry Como croon Christmas carols all year long. Don't ask me. I don't know.

8. I detest jazz. Except for Blues. In fact, I'll take probably take any and every other kind of music over jazz.

7. As a kid when we were road-tripping, I'd count the (lane devider) lines on the road, and if my Daddy was driving too fast so I lost track, I'd get into a sort of panic mode. The good news is that I was able to save myself, and talk myself down, which I believe to this day is the fine line between true OCD and not. OCD is something I believe I truly understand, but do not suffer from. Very edgy feeling, that.

6. Sported a mohawk for three? years. Think I've mentioned that one before.

5. I still have a baby tooth - it's my left incisor. Dentist offered to pull it and then dig for the big one behind it, with best wishes, but I thought "What? No, thanks."

4. Acquiring a drivers license well after the age of 16 runs in my family.

3. I love just the thought of a convoy.

2. I love classical music but I honestly have No Idea how people can tell one composer from another. In my defense of complete ignorance - my brain needs the voice to tell me who the music is by.

1. I wave my fork in the air between bites of food. My son does the same thing. Surely a grave offense.

I tag...
MD - wait! Dang! Edie snagged her!
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That's it since Evie stole KM, Laura, CP, Rinnyboo, Stephanie, and MP, that's all the bloggers I know! :)


KMDuff said...

Awww... you detest jazz?? Wow. :) Jazz is so soothing and relaxing to me, I didn't know people could not like it. ;) And classical - people can tell from listening a lot, kind of like staring at paintings alot you can say who's style it is in... not really a necessaray skill in life? Okay, I've said too much. Gonna quit now. Fun list. :)

whimsigal said...

We roll in the same circles, friend.

ROFL at the belly button thing because I am exactly the same way. It FREAKS me out!!!

#9 - Me, too!

Thanks for doing this! I enjoyed reading your eccentricities.


By the way, I'd rather be aka Edie any day over the junk I was called in school. LOL

Stephanie said...

Oh, I listen to it!
I listen to classical 95% of the time I"m listening to music.
I just can't differentiate styles!