Saturday, November 17, 2007


Make handmade bar soap.

My friends Aubrey and Melissia are interested in this one, also, and Aubrey actually wanted to be in on the lye process, not just the fun make-it-smell-good and hand-mill-it process, so I invited her over on Friday (I'll tattle on her, I told her I had to go get the lye and beeswax, and that I needed to clean up my messy house, and she -gasp- showed up a whole two hours early!! Okay, maybe an hour and fourty minutes, but still! big kisses to you Aubrey!) Still, we had a good time in my very messy house.
And we made soap! I am happy to say that it is curing in my kitchen - well out of reach, of course. Even for my little flying squirrels.

I was spurred into action the other day when I had to pay $16.99 I think it was for Doc Brenner's soap. And then $13 for Jason's bath soap. And then $1.79 for the little round bars for the sinks. Sheesh.
I'm thinking a citrusy one of orange, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils for the kitchen, maybe rose into a liquid soap for my bath, and one more that I'm not yet decided upon. We'll see.

Anyway! One more down. fun fun.

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