Saturday, November 17, 2007

How are you doing, Dear? (pat, pat)

I'm okay.
Really, I am!
It was a near thing there for a minute, admittedly, but it's not so bad being cut off from the big wide world. Most the time.

Maybe it's because I got my house mostly clean. Phew, but you should see it today! I left it in shambles this morning when I head out a few minutes before nine, and I cannot imagine that it improved it's state since I have been away.

Maybe it's because there have been a few get togethers with the Mama's. Though I missed out on some due to forgetfulness.

Maybe it's because I dug the 10 year old computer out of the garage, and got it up and running for Trev. Er, and Maddie, she's been playing on it, too. (alas, the modem has bit it, I guess.) It's Windows 98, so most of his cd programs work pretty well on it. And I'm quite relieved that I can sit down and write with Word if I feel the need. So far I haven't - but that may have to do something with the fact that I told Trev loud and clear "This computer is yours" and whenever I see the accompanying chair empty, and think I might want to sit a spell he beats me to it, and says "Just give me 10 minutes, Mom!" Cheeky kid.

I haven't sent either computer in yet - need to find a box for the desktop, and need to find a dhl office (something to do here at work today) for shipping the Dell notebook. I'll do it very soon, though!

The Mama's have decided on a once a month get together - evening hours - and we had our first one at Melissia's house on Thursday night. I took my camera, as I thought I may get adventurous and take pictures of shiny earrings, forks full of goodness, glasses of wine, and lipstick (well, if any of us took the time to put some on), but I didn't. Next time though!

We're also having weekly Monday crafts - a couple of hours in the afternoon for the babes to play and the Mama's to create.
Also a few of us are interested in an unschooler's coop - I hosted on Wednesday, and we just played, but I think we're thinking sort of a themed exploration - bring your tools (or blocks, or books about it, or magnets, or bubbles, or whatever) and we'll see what comes of it. We haven't really decided yet exactly what we're doing - as we haven't set down formally with the children and brainstormed. -These are wild unschoolers, remember, and when we're together (ages one to six) there's lots of runnin' and hollerin' and whoopin' and jumpin'. So sittin' down and discussing what might be fun instead of just living it seems pretty silly to them, I'm sure!
Anyway - it's on the burner.
This week (crafty Mondays) we're invited to Teri's house for making beaded ornaments. Thursday it's to Grandma's house we go - not quite over the river and through the woods, but at least it's in the next county fourty-five minutes away, and we get to see our favorite Christmas lights house on the way back home. We're taking a green salad and pie -probably pecan, Eric and I detest pumpkin pie! Friday we have a playdate with Ari and Mina - Melissia's girls. That should be pretty great.

I tell ya, though, I'm missing out on the magic. It's sorta passing me by, as other things are filling up my time, and I'm not taking pictures and notes. I'm a bit worried that I'll be back online, and not know what to do!!

I'm getting pretty antsy for snow.
Every year I hang out a garland with big red velvet bows on my front fence, and I just can't wait to take a picture of that bow and garland with a couple of inches of snow on it! And icicles!
And maybe even footprints in the snow if the lighting permits. very exciting stuff!

Funny - as I sit here and write, I think - dang, I gotta get that modem at home working.... maybe I'll look at it tonight to see if I can see any loose connections.... :)

Anyway - I have a couple of things to do, so I'm off.
Hope my friends who visit here are well and happy - and hope you're still visiting!!
Much love to everyone, and a most Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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