Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19

Have I mentioned how abslutely slow this computer is? I swear it moves backwards!
My typing is at this moment almost an entire paragraph ahead of what is showing up on my screen! Not kidding. Sigh.
I don't know what in tarnation is going on.

Today was a very nice day.
We managed to get to Teri's at a decent time - we were only about fifteen minutes later than the appointed time of 11am. Course, it helps that we live about three minutes away, but still.
Have I mentioned that? most of the Mama's live less than fifteen minutes away from my house. How great is that??? Three of them live within walking distance - Julie, Teri, and Aubrey.

Aubrey and Teri had decided to help us and inspire us with these gorgeous beaded ornaments - Aubrey had mastered this dragonfly that is so lovely that I think some of us may make some for holiday gifts. If I could, I'd show you, but alas, I cannot! (I really did try, friends, but this pc doesn't even see its own usb's at the moment. :/ )

Anyway - Monday craft days are for the Mama's, the babes play and holler and frollick while we get to chitchat and visit. Today was so beautiful and warm, the babes were outside much of the time - some, as mine, were launching off the balcony onto the trampoline! I was worried at first, but Teri said hers (including the youngest Willow) do it, so I figured, well, ? No harm came. (I was mostly worried about him landing on a babe, and also didn't know how loose her springs were, and didn't want Trev to hit the bottom. But Teri has teenagers, so when I found out hers jump from the balcony, I was alright with it.)
We also have our monthly Art and Craft Circle, still, which is for the babes to create really wonderful things. For December we'll make glass ornaments, glue and glitter snowflakes, and Sun King crown for Yule/Solstice.
Anyway, it was lovely to spend the afternoon with friends!

Oh! I milled some soap tonight. I made one with lavender (flowers and oil), and another with grapefruit, lemon, and orange essential oils. I'm so excited about the soaps! Tomorrow I really must get my house in order, and maybe I'll have a few minutes to mill another few bars of soap. I'm so pleased that my first batch of basic (vegetarian) soap came out so well. No lye bubbles, and it seems to be behaving just as it should. Woohoo!

I've added my friend Steph to the Mama's list, she's known all of us for a long time (well, long time in our circle of unschooler friends - 'bout two years), and pops in here, but her blog was a secret :) but now she's ready to be included. She says that no one would be interested but her and the grandparents, I say "Well, yeah. That's true for all of us!" :) It's just life and growin and learnin and loving. Many things are noteworthy if you take the time to notice them, I say.

Anyway. Just wanted to say hey, and that I had a really lovely day. Thursday we're off to Eric's mom's, Pat, and her husband Bill's place, then Friday we have a playdate with Ari and Mina and Melissia if Melissia is feeling better.

Life moves along at a friendly clip.


Kim said...

I have missed you so! I am glad to see you back here to inspire us all once again, even if it is a turtles pace.
Love and miss you. XOXO

whimsigal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can't believe all those Mamas live so close to you! I won't lie, I'm a little jealous. Marin (rinnyboo) is a solid hour and a half from me and with gas prices so high, we don't see each other that often. That's wonderful that you get to have such good times with friends!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, friend.

Stephanie said...

kimk - missed you too! 'specially since you didn't write when Rob was there.
It's good to be back with friends!

Stephanie said...

Evie -
I know! I almost feel guilty about it! :/ Strange as that sounds.
I'm so very blessed to have them so close. Very thankful.
I just wish you were here, too!

KMDuff said...

welcome back to the internet. :)