Wednesday, November 21, 2007

walking softly

Maddie woke up last night at 1:30am asking for her Daddy, so I started carrying her to our bedroom. On the way, she vomited on me.
So it began.
I went back to the couch (Eric had this gomboo on Monday, and didn't go to work on Tuesday), mumbling sleepily over my shoulder that if he needed me, just holler.
I then watched three episodes of CSI Miami on A&E. Finally drifted off, and I hear Eric up. "Anything wrong?"
"Yeah, something's wrong, she's been throwing up nonstop for the past few hours."
Really? I didn't hear a thing!
"Oh, dear."
Trev started fussin' 'bout all the noise, wants water, I tell him hang on.
Finally get to sleep for a bit, then Trev bounces up, and runs for the bathroom.
Oh dear, again.
Then I hear Eric's alarm. Time to make the donuts.

Was that Trev I heard stirring, or you?"
"He sick?"

You'd think these events - especially the ones involving being vomited upon in the middle of the night (accompanied with less than three hours of sleep) might make for a grumpy mama.
Amazingly enough, not so.

Actually, I feel rather splendid today.
'Course, had to call Eric's mama and tell her that we'll be staying home tomorrow.
Hmmm. No groceries, and certainly no Thanksgiving feast trimmings.
Well, let's see how things pan out.
I started cleaning, beginning with the sorely abused bathroom. It's rather wretched to be sick in a dirty bathroom, don't you agree? Even if it's your own mess.
Thinking about how I get to stay home tomorrow - not that I wasn't looking forward to Pat and Bill's, I always do. But somehow, the thought of staying home started to really appeal to me....

Turns out we have a huge prime rib waiting for us at Redrock (per Eric's request) but no turkey. Phone call, phone call. "Got us a turkey, babe. Mike's (their meat guy) bringing it. Not sure if we'll get a bill for it, or not."

And so the day started looking even brighter. Actually at that point, I really was feeling pretty wonderful.
Staying home for Thanksgiving. The children are snuggled in the pallet, looking gray, but they're peaceful and feeling rather gentle.

Hmmm. I started making plans for a chocolate pie. And mashed potatoes. And a clean kitchen. Cup of hot cocoa. Put on some Christmas music in the den, as it won't disturb the babes back here.
They continue to sleep and stir a bit, and gingerly sip at their tiny bits of water and pedialyte popsicles.

Yes. It might seem strange. But regardless - or maybe even because of - our situation, today I am walking softly and feeling so gentle - and I am filled with peace in anticipation of our quiet holiday.
I look forward to the house being filled with warmth from the oven, and more holiday music, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Eric's favorite), snuggles, and phone calls, hanging my Yule garlands on my front fence, and a turkey/mayo with salt and pepper sandwich at eight o'clock or so.

Not how we had planned, certainly. But somehow even with the vomiting and other despicious things that come with a stomach bug, I can't help but think of our newly anticipated Thanksgiving, and smile and be thankful.
Hope your Thanksgiving suits you just right, too.


Life With Us said...

Hope the kiddies are feeling better today. My Maddy had it Monday and Tuesday. I am glad you got a turkey and will all be snuggly at home!

Lerend Zonder School said...

I'm so sorry your kids are sick:( Hope their feeling better today so they can enjoy the holiday with you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

whimsigal said...

Yikes, I am so sorry I missed this post and I hope everyone is better at your house!

It sounds as though you ended up with a lovely plan to make the best of the situation and now I'm looking forward to reading about how it all turned out.

Happy Thanksgiving!