Wednesday, December 05, 2007

happiness runs

I can't tell you why, because I really don't know.
I've just been so.... joyful, peaceful, and smilingly content the last couple of days!

Like this....

Really rather wonderful...


Melissia said...

These look edible like marshmallows and I want to eat them.

Melissia :)

whimsigal said...

Wow, your new banner is beautiful! What is that a picture of?

Alison said...

Love the pictures and I can completely relate to what you said...I have felt the same way!!

Stephanie said...

Well it ain't Marshmallows!!!
:) I'm teasin.

It's my favorite plant in my yard. I don't know for certain What it is, though I call it a hawthorn.

It has gorgeous tiny pink blooms in the spring, then it looks like this all winter.
I absolutely love it.
Makes me happy.

Stephanie said...

Alison -
thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
I think it's that I've felt free.
Free from... everything.
Like I've won the lottery, or something! :)