Thursday, December 06, 2007

the neighborhood goes green

(this one's mostly for the locals.)
I have cloth bags that I made out of canvas. I use them. I've sewn them back together a few times.
I was inspired to do so when the natural market was selling them a few years ago for like $12 a piece, or something.
I got to my neighborhood grocer today (a locally owned store) and what did they have but these beauties!Cool! Harmons goes green!
These lovelies were to be had for a a whoppin' 99cents each.

Way to go Harmons!


Stephanie Ozenne said...

Cool! Costco also has re-usable totes now. They're big - look like they'll hold three bags of regular groceries. They're 3 for $3.50. And Ikea has had their huge bags for something like $0.49 for ages. They're so big I'm not sure they'd be good for groceries! But they have two sets of handles - one for your shoulder and one for your hand, so you get to pick.

Stephanie said...

I haven't seem them there, yet. I haven't been in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to watch for them!

Stephanie Ozenne said...

Well, I used the bags from Costco today, and they're not very good for groceries. They are big totes, and there's no place for the poor checkers to put them to fill them up! The checker seemed a bit flustered. They were nice getting the groceries inside - one bag on a shoulder and the other in my hand. But I think I'll get some of those Harmons bags for groceries - they look perfect.

Sheri said...

We chose to use the one store in town that wasn't Wal Mart exclusively, for many reasons, but also because they allow us to bring in tote bags. Plus, they buy from local farmers. Always a huge thumbs up in my book. :) My kids and I play the "How many groceries can we buy without using anything other than our tote bags?" game. Last week I lost and we ended up using one plastic bag from the store. My kids busted my chops the whole way home. LOL, it was then that I realised that I had succesfully brought them to the Green Side. :)

I love your blog Stephanie,
I could sit here for hours!

Stephanie said...

Steph - thanks for the heads up! I plan on buying lots more of these - I just only had a few dollars when I went to the store the other day.
I figure I"d like twenty of them, so that when they wear out I'll still have them!
ps - Harmons gives a 5 cent discount on every bag you use and bring in, so I figure they'll even pay for themselves, not that that matters. But to offer the bags at a low price, and then give you a discount for using them, well, that's pretty cool in my book!

Sheri - That's awesome. My dh actually uses the plastic ones (I forget bags sometimes, or shop unexpectedly) for picking up dogpoo :) but I think we have enough stuffed in our cupboard for a long time!
I'm so glad that you enjoy reading here. I'm so thankful to be able to share with and get to know others this way.