Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lost in Space

I was wondering (yes, I'm procrastinating...) what that muppet intro was.... Lost In Space.... no, that's not right.... - Pigs...In...Space! Yes... that's it!
That's me.
Well, I'm not a pig. (though I resemble Miss Piggy from time to time - when she's in her Hiiiii-YA mode....)
But I definitely feel a bit muppetish and lost in cartoony land - as well as lost - only it's cyber space. Only it's not necessarily online - maybe it's lost in circuitry and files and programs and smtp codes and pop codes and individual personalized desktops and files and log-offs andandand...

You see what I've become.
yes, friends.
I have lost my mind.

Let me just vent for a moment - especially since I had planned to not get on AT ALL today - as I had other things that were demanding my time - and yet here I still am.
It went something like just let me fix this one more snafu with the camera program.....
And so here I am at 3:54 pm. On the third/fourth day.
Not showered.
not done shopping.
Trev just now comes in and says "I think we should start decorating our tree today."
Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
"I'm sure" he continues "that we're going to have a very blue Christmas with a tree that's not decorated."
Oh. How did he know of a Blue Chirstmas?
Maddie comes complaining that the snowman is melted.
Well - least that's not my fault.

Maybe I'll put up a stream or two of lights (instead of the usual twelve), get out the (next) three boxes of candy canes, the home made ornaments and invite them to put whatever they'd like on the tree.
Would that work?
Can you put Star Wars toys and horsies and small stuffed animals and legos and childhood treasures on a Christmas tree?

Wouldn't that be something.
That would be so unlike me...


carri said...

A few years ago I did just that. I let the kids decorate the tree however they wish. It changes from day to day as well. All the ornaments that my oldest daughter wants on the tree are at the top. The bottom is filled with stuffed animals and toys of all kinds. This morning I noticed that my youngest had laid a pretty big clown stuffy across the bottom branches like it's in bed.

It's a lot of fun and feels so free to just let go of that. I highly recommend it!

Lerend Zonder School said...

Good luck with the rest of your computer setting up!

I think star wars toys, legos and other childhoos treasures would be grand on a christmas tree! Was that your idea or the kids?

whimsigal said...

I'd love to see a photo of the tree with Star Wars people, horsies, legos and the like on it! That would be a tree your kids would remember always.

Oh man, setting up a computer. What a pain in the tookus and I don't envy you there, friend. Do it in small bites if you can, to avoid the frustration that can accompany a task like that.

Be well! I think of you often!


Stephanie said...

Carri -
Yes! Ours is changing already!
It's pretty cool - letting them just have at it!
It's pretty bare at the moment. I'm sure it will change when we get back home.

Julie - mine - I was just thinking I haven't drug out the ornaments, yet, and I'd have to clear a path to even get them out of the garage, though I knew where a triple strand of colored lights were accessible (had them for years, never used) and I thought - hmmm, dinos, toys,stuffed animals.... why not?
Seems a lot easier and less stressful! :)

Evie - I took some pics last night while decorating - I'll get them up into olm today or tonight. We're heading out in a minute, but I"ll get them up when we get back home.

piscesgrrl said...

I think a Lego tree is a grand idea. We came home the other day to find our tree on the floor, some of the ornaments smashed, the lights all a'jumble. And the dog and cat weren't even inside! *sigh*

I had a party to go to so I just left it. :)

Hope you get your computer stuff worked out in time for Xmas! LOL