Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Grief - it's December 20th

I said something to Eric yesterday about "I think it's that I have to have my head organized, and then if that's fixed, then I can be more efficient on the outside."

He said he was the opposite.
He needs stuff on the outside organized.
Maybe he said that because the house is still .... um.... well, messy.
Not disastrous, mind you - just disorganized.

I've been messing with the new computer for two and a half days - running between the three of them back and forth trying to get them organized. You always know a new one is gonnna be a lot of work, but you forget how aggravating it can be. Least I did.
But I think we're pretty good, now.

Yesterday I got up (from pc's) to find this (that would be all of my $10 soaps and conditioners and shampoos - along with toilet paper draped over the faucet, of course)
and this.
Guess that's a red flag that if I don't wrap it up I'm gonna find myself in a bi-hi-hig (literal) mess, and we don't want any freak outs from me, God knows.

Today is for organizing the outside, then.
I'm off!


whimsigal said...

The whiteness of the grout in your bathroom never ceases to amaze. On the organization tip, our house is looking much the same as yours, with the playroom being a nightmare, yet again. I feel your pain, friend!!

It will be ok, computer, house, and all!



piscesgrrl said...

I don't even want to know what's in that water! LOL

We actually had family pick-up day today, but my kids are 11 and 15. We all pitched in so we could sooner get to our real loves.

I'm just operating in avoidance of the pile of things-to-be-wrapped in my bedroom. If I don't look, will they wrap themselves?