Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, first - my phone line is dead. deaddeaddead.
Doh! evidently I forgot to pay the bill!
Shame on them for not letting me know I was in eminent danger of being shut off!
So I connected on the notebook and payed the bill.
(Turns out the phone line is just messed up - and they'll be out some time tomorrow! Hmmph. Shame on them again. If it's my fault, that's one thing - but if it's theirs - hmmph! I say!)
New desktop pc comes.
Turns out - the dang thing does not know A Thing about me or my personal preferences!
Did they send me the wrong one, then?
Why don't we have this magical mojo going - you know - where it knows where and how I want to go even before I instruct it??? That's how little notebook works....

Turns out I even had to shut if off and restart it!
I'll let you know how it goes.
Hopefully we'll be able to reconcile very, very soon!
Now I'm off to kiss and make up....

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