Saturday, December 15, 2007


It seems like I have so much to do!
Well, considering I have not even dug my lights out of the garage yet for the tree, I am probably pretty justified in feeling a bit harried! :)

Madd wants a party, as I said. It started with Grammy last week - I picked them up (I had been at work) and Grammy was going to a party, and Madd was broken hearted because she couldn't go with her. So a few days later she said she wanted a party. I said that we'd have a tea party. (Course, I got lots of ideas in my head about lace gloves and fancy hats on teddy bears, but knowing Madd, she'd just strip them all to their bones, and say "she doesn't like that!" - All her dolls are nekked.

Lights and decorations on the tree.
Clean house.
Clean house.
Popcorn and rosehips garland for the tiny tree.
Shadow puppets for the babes and nieces.
Clean house.
Felt dolls for the nieces.
Beaded ornaments for the sisters and mother.
Clean house!
Holiday goodies.
More fudge. (My babes ate the last batch in one day!)
What else?
Oh yes - Mama's night (tomorrow). - and let's not forget that I'm supposed to Make A Gift for that one!!!
Tea Party at Julie's (maybe we can just attach ourselves to That star) on Monday.
New computer coming on Monday - they tried to deliver it on Friday - who knew it would be so fast?- but we were shoppingshoppingshopping.
Time to play with and set up new desktop pc - you know it's a Dell, don't you??? (you wouldn't believe how much that old HippyD/Dino aggravates me! And Dell had a pretty good deal.....)
Solstice coming!
Gotta finish Maddie's solstice present - her book with backgrounds for her sticker pages. (which will have to be done on old pc, due to the printer's cable not being USB.... :/
Solstice family event - gifts and fire, and whatever else.
Monday night at the library is Owl Moon - a special Solstice story time that I"d like to attend....
There is also a Goddess Solstice dance recital that I'd like to attend on Friday afternoon...
Lights at Temple Square (the World Class lights I mentioned before)
Oh - and let's not forget that I absolutely Must! Clean. My. House. !!!

Did I tell you that we had a plumbing problem for several days?
Turns out it was Yet Another washcloth down the drain.
Eric - the Darling- took off the drum trap and snaked the (bathtub) pipe for me - usually that sort of thing is my department - but Honest to God, I just don't have the time! (as I told him in no uncertain terms!!!)

disclaimer - Please do not fear for me and my children - I'm not in any danger of having a stroke or waving an axe over my head - just feeling very behind and getting swept up in the hustle and bustle!
I'll be sure to post a peaceful post when I have a minute!
And here, now - If I could spell the Lone Ranger's du-del-unt, du-del-unt, du-del-unt-dunt-dunt song, I would....
Hope everyone's Holly Jolly....
oh - note to self... be sure to trim off some of that glorious Holly at Grammy's house when you pick up the children tonight.....


Aubrey said...

I'm soooo there with you.
I promised mysle I wouldn't get crazy/panicky this year, but I think with making so many of my gifts it tipped me over the edge.

I'd like to hear more details about the Owl Moon reading and solstice dance.

BTW- There is no way that I am going to get a gift made for mama night so I opted for giving a gift that could help you make your own "homemade" fun.

Miss you...

Stephanie said...

Oh I miss you, too!

I meant to tell you about both events - one is MOnday night at Millcreek Library (handy!) and the other is... somewhere at like two on Friday.
I'll send you the info for both.
See you tomorrow night!

whimsigal said...

Deep breath in....HOLD IT....exhale gently....

Feel better?

LOL I can just imagine you all-a-flutter over there. It sounds like you have TONS of fun things to do! Except the cleaning of course but you're such a pro I bet you'll knock that out in no time!


Thinking of you and hope all is well!


piscesgrrl said...

good lawd, woman, yer makin' me stressed!

I get like that. Then I crash and burn. It ain't pretty!