Sunday, December 30, 2007

making the grade: addendum

I don't think that I made it clear that I wasn't questioning Trev out of any sense of "let's see how you measure up". If anything, I think maybe I was testing the system, to see what relevance it had to real life.
When I said "so then we'll cover contintents this year" what I meant was according to the system (one that I do not hold in very high regard, or consider to be the best judge of my children's or my own requisite learning) we just have the one thing to learn.
Should they have indicated (they may have, I didn't read every last bit of the requirements) that we were falling short, I would not have been in the least concerned.

We are the better judges of our lives and minds, of course.

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Mama Podkayne said...

I know what you meant.

I think it is amusing sometimes to glance at those silly lists. 1/2 of them are, duh, my kid did that as a toddler and the other 1/2 are sometimes, huh?, I didn't learn that until college! It makes no sense.