Sunday, December 30, 2007

thoughts for the new year

I mentioned that I was contemplating what my word/thought for the new year would be.
What, exactly my intent would be for the coming year.
Aaaah. There you have it, then.

It includes, for me, all of the other words I mentioned that resonate with me.
Magic, gentleness, presence, abundance, graciousness, mindfulness.

For a minute I contemplanted Nurture, but that feels like a second or third step on this particular evolutionary trail - it seems that first and foremost I am called to practice Intent.

The trick will be to not get too lost in the hundreds of things that factor into that intent. (And therefore forget about the intent itself.)

At first I thought that it was sort of silly uninspired - to choose only one word for an entire year - but that one one can be so powerful and guiding in so many areas of your life.

Take Listen.
I don't mean to ruin the word for anyone - ie impose my own thoughts upon it- but bear with me.
Listen can mean pay attention to others around you.
It can mean be in tune with nature.
It can mean being intuitive.
It can mean really listening to your spouse.
Your children.
Your friends.
Your loved ones.
It can mean to be quiet and be still.
To listen within.
Listen to your heart.
Your body.
Your spirit.
The birds song, the whisper on the wind, the song on the radio, the call of the wild.

There are hundreds of things - thoughts and feelings that one powerful (resonating) word can evoke.

Mine, then, is intent.
Tto get really clear then - here are the laws of intention for me.
I've mentioned this posting in my room downstairs more than once (it comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer).
It bears repeating, I love it so.

What this one word says to me (implementing these seven tools) is to pay attention to what I am doing. Be mindful. Be present. It includes the sublime - being aware of the quests of my spirit; as well as the more practical -be engaged in my conversations with my children, my interactions with our dog, being conscious of either stepping over (or on) or picking up something that might best be put away, practicing care with the things and people around me.
Noticing if/when my actions are resonating best and highest with Whom I Want To Be, and how I want to represent myself and my ideals.
It means being authentic.
It means deliberateness.
It means living while being fully engaged.

A very powerful idea, then.
Indeed, for me a word to live by.

(this post relates to New Year and New Resolve.)


whimsigal said...

This is a very powerful thought, having one word as the theme for your life. When so many are contemplating losing 50 lbs, saving more money, paying down debt, here I find you writing eloquently about the word "intent".

I too am going to try to practice "intent". It encompasses so many things that are important, and so many that I certainly fall short on. You always are able to provide me, and many others certainly, with ways to live a good life. I am so thankful for that!

Happy New Year, friend.


KMDuff said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the seven tools poster you have and describing your thoughts. What a powerful word for the new year.

Stephanie S. said...

All of those things are certainly worthy of doing!
I just don't think it's the wisest thing to make some huge thing a new year's resolution. If it's attainable, or something you'd like to achieve, then by all means do it!
I only mean rather than taking on some monumental task (that most of the population fail at) that we focus earnestly on something - a simple thing - that means changing our thoughts or actions.
A sort of alignment of thoughts and actions.
A small focus, if you will.

piscesgrrl said...

I think it's a fine word. A fine word indeed.

Makes me think of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman, and the ensuing (2-star) movie, Peaceful Warrior, which we just watched. That book is on my "changed me" list. Be present. Mindful. Fully engaged.

Happy Intentions!

Anonymous said...

what an inspiring post. just today i asked my husband what his resolution was. he grumbled off something (not big into resolutions obviously), then he asked what mine is. "i don't know. i'm still thinking." i say. i think i have a better idea though now after reading your very thoughtful words.
thank you

carri said...

I had completely forgotten that I had done the same thing last year. I chose the word create as my word for the year.

My focus was to create a more peaceful and enriching environment for my children. To create beauty everyday through food, craft, art, photography, words, and mindfulness.

Even as I have come to the end of the year, and the word isn't in the forefront of my mind anymore, my life is still so focused on that little word. It's really is a powerful thing to focus on one word and all that it encompasses.

I need to do some more thinking on how I want to focus during this next year. Narrow things down a bit. Thanks for reminding me.

Stephanie S. said...

M - Thanks! and you're welcome.

Laura - ooh, I haven't read that. Sounds right up my alley. But first I really must finish "Everyday Blessings" and "The Mists of Avalon"! Thanks for the pointer.

Ladybug Zen - Hey, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! The idea really is an inspired and inspiring one.
Something that I don't think I'd have ever come with myself, but one that definitely rings true for me.
I'm glad you found it intriguing, too.

Carri - Funny - though I did not set it as a goal, or even was consciously choosing it as a theme, I think that's definitely been the flavor of this year for me.
Creating with the children, creative play, writing, taking photos, creating our home environment, etc.
Creative is definitely an appropriate and powerful (and fun!) intention.
Dang!, I wish you had a blog.

Lerend Zonder School said...

I was just thinking about new year's resolutions recently, as I've never had a new year's resolution. I sort of half-heartedly made one this year to be more organized, but I like your idea of having a word/thought instead. I will post about mine on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

carri said...

Hey I do have a blog...

I just realized that I didn't have it on my google profile. I'll fix that now.

Lena said...

I think "intent" is a wonderful choice for the year. I'm going to have to think about this one.