Friday, January 04, 2008

bean juice

A close friend said to me several years ago - maybe ten - something like...
"The washer is chugging, the heater is on, the dishwasher is vrrrrrring, I feel good."
What I took that to mean (I wonder now if this was the instigator of thoughts of Ordinary Life Magic?) is the warmth of the home, the vrrring, hmmming, the fire (or furnace) sparking, a pot of beans on the stove (currently)....
it spells enchantment, sometimes.
It spells warm.
It spells home.
It's Friday evening - snow covers the ground, the wind is howling, promising yet another storm...
The children are currently following whatever has distracted them. And they're toasty. And happy.
Mama is here - recording the thoughts that have made their way to the surface of her mind... demanding to be recognized and voiced.
Giant pot of beans on the stove.... still not fully cooked, but the juice promises yet another delightfully rich comfort in another couple of hours....
Life is so good.


whimsigal said...

Egads! Look at that banner! Breathtaking!

Your description makes me wish I were there, snuggled up under a blanket, listening to the homey hum of your family. This is a really beautiful post, Steph.

You're such a great writer!

Stephanie S. said...

Thanks, Evie!
It's actually a golf course near my home - every year in the winter I marvel how beautiful it is. Usually there are geese in the foreground - but when I took the pic they were waaaay back there on the left side - but they'll come up, and I'll stop and take some pictures when they do.
So beautiful!

Rinnyboo said...

Now that sounds like warmth to me. You didn't happen to take any pictures of this evening did you? :)