Sunday, January 06, 2008

Photo Challenge

My friend MP - er, Mama Podkayne (I call her MP in my head) has a new camera that she wants to learn about - and like so many of the rest of us - is often dazzled and inspired so very impressed by the photos that these blogging Mama's take.
So she is starting up a photo challenge.

Oooh, [rubbing my hands together] I can't wait!!

You post your (themed) pic for the week, then leave a comment on her challenge that you did, along with a link to your picture. (can we post links in comments? nevermind - I'll figure it out!)

If you're interested in playing, but are sometimes too shy to play with the Big Boys :), here's your chance!

Here's a link to her post - this first challenge is Warmth.
Mmmm. What a delicious beginning...

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