Tuesday, January 08, 2008

getting warmer....

The last couple of days have been all things home.
Sunday and then yesterday we had planned to go out and explore. Go see The Chipmunks or The Waterhorse movies. Go downtown to the planetarium, and see Sea Monsters 3D. Go to the aquarium - Maddie's never been. Go sledding.
Just... go.

Sunday we chose to stay home and clean, and go out later. Turns out, later we didn't want to go at all. Home bound us.
Then we thought maybe we'd to do something yesterday while Eric went skiing, so he went up the canyon with a friend, so our options were wide open. Home we stayed.
Last night we thought "We'll go to the aquarium, and to avoid traveling twenty miles south in rush hour, we'll go early and go hang out at Chuck E. Cheese and play arcade games. "I'd rather just stay home," said little son.
He wanted to pretend, and tickle, and race, and whoop and be with his family.
Imagine that.

Meanwhile during cleaning and pleasantly done chores (much like what my friend MP has been doing - only, I'm not nesting :) - I've wandered in and out of the house trying to capture Warmth.
And I have - lots of things.
There's Maddie's warmer spot at the heat vent when she first wakes up in the morning.
There was the warmth of the fireworks last night - and seeing my husband waving around his arms in huge, exaggerated ways in order to entertain our children with multi-colored sparklers.
There's the warmth of various cozy corners of my home.
There have been rosy bright cheeks from laughing and playing.
Home-made chocolate chip cookies last night, straight out of the oven.
Hot cocoa - decorated with dollops of whipped cream.
Candles glowing in windows, warding off the frozen earth outside our home.
This morning there was a very warm pile of coziness wrapped up in a goosedown comforter in the center of my bed - in the name of my two babes.

Loads and loads of Warmth.

I haven't captured exactly what I'm looking for yet, but I'm getting warmer.

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