Tuesday, January 08, 2008

new moon rising

I feel -
a New Moon risin'.....

There are a couple of Don'ts in the laws of magick.
The first is The Biggy - Harm None.
That means no One and no Thing.
All creatures are Blessed - much like Buddhism - you not only respect, but cherish all of life - all seeds, rocks, insects, animals, peoples, winds (what troubles or is irritating to you can greatly benefit or save another), everything holds perfection, and is not yours to dominate nor degrade.

The second is of far lesser importance - but something most stand by, none-the-less.
No magick during a moon while it's Void of Course. Which means while it is between astrological influences.
I know - it means nothing to most - it's "Hooey", as Eric would say.

That aside - today I felt the need to plunge forward. (Turns out, it's Tuesday - a time for aggression and dominance. Imagine that.)

The Moon was new early this morning - at 4:37am.

If you're a considerer of such things then you probably know that a new moon is a grand time to start anew.
If you are particularly interested in such things, then you may even know what phase it's in. Void of course, at the moment.
But tomorrow morning - tomorrow morning is a different story.
Tomorrow it enters Aquarius. At 4:13am.

But today.
Today I felt the need to.... do something.
To do something about a mess that has been a huge part of my life and my head.
Namely - the mail.
It has haunted me and vexed me and I've damned, neglected, ignored and cursed it for several months. Yes, months!
I've paid bills, of course - online, and without even opening anything that doesn't seem out of the ordinary.
Anyway - it was a mess. A disaster, actually.
I don't care what you believe, that much mail and bills (not to mention those damned loan offers - "we'd like to offer you a 50k loan for 26% interest!") sitting around accumulating cannot be good for the psyche and the senses!

So today called for a bit of magick.
I choose to burn my shreddables. There is something just really satisfying about seeing my bills go up in flames. Sort of a banishing and final feeling to it.Most satisfactory, I must say.
Course, if you're going to burn things, you need to add a little personal mojo to it.
A few herbs corresponding to your thoughts, wishes and desires concerning said papers.


Then you gotta cleanse the actual space that the bills collected for months and months....
Then you may as well get the good mojo going around the rest of the house.....

Cleansings, blessings, sprinklings, whisperings, lots of good thoughts...

and we'll be All Ready for a New Beginning tomorrow.
In a New Year.
Under a New Moon.
In a New Phase - one that's all about Revolution.

Well then.
Let's revolve, by all means.


whimsigal said...

Oh! I LOVE this! Fabulous and perfect. SO much so that I'm going to copy it!



piscesgrrl said...

I'm game - let's do it!

A friend gets me an Aspectarian whenever she goes to the city. I haven't gotten one lately, though. The moon was void of course when my Dad died.

Definitely not hooey.