Sunday, January 20, 2008

it's just a coincidence

It was pointed out to me (again) not too long ago what coincidence means.
It doesn't really mean what most of us take it to mean.
Coincide - coincidence - mathematically means "two angles that fit together perfectly."
We usually use it to mean "by happenstance" or accident.

I've really been noticing coincidences for the last little while.
Probably a dozen times or so in the last week.

LadybugZen wrote a lovely post with pictures referencing the Tao of Pooh, which I've been thinking of lately, and even made a slight reference to at the end of my potions post earlier this week. (It may not have been apparent, but I was thinking it.)
On two or three other blogs I've read of abundance, something I've been contemplating myself.
On others it's been Intention.
On still others I have been reading observations of what a remarkable and amazing life we unschoolers get to live. Something I surely have been thinking of often myself lately. I don't mean to disconnect with hsers, but this particular one is specific to unschooling - seeing the magic happen without lessons, and frustration, and control. Once in a while you stand in amazement when your child discovers the world completely on his own - in a way that makes sense to his mind, and speaks to his heart. It takes your breath away.
Sheri at My So-Called Homeschool wrote a few days ago a "My Favorite Things of the Day" post, I've been wanting to do a "favorite things" post for several days, now. (I sing the song all the time. Well, not all the time - but often enough. Maddie always hushes me. I tell her to go away. :) )
Lastly, last night I wrote a post about the moon in Cancer, and the full moon phase - which is all about motherhood, nurturing, family, cooking, emotions, impressions, and this morning I got a comment from Evie saying "head on over to Child'sPlay to read her post last night". I did, and found a beautifully moving post about grief - and mothering, and nurturing, and family, and cooking, and emotions.

To my mind there are a couple of parts to this great mystery.
One is that it shows that we're drawn toward our own kind - to those that can understand us, and that have had similar experiences.
If you're a person that likes what I would consider negativity - illness, bad fortune, children that you don't get along (ever) peacefully with, and some people do like to live this way -(believing life is hard and cruel) then you're probably going to surround yourself with like-minded people.
You're probably going to hang out places where you can complain, and say "My child did the brattiest thing...." ...And thankfully so, for those of us that have very different lives don't see it that way, and don't really want that particular poison in our minds and hearts.
And, if you're of a different mind, and wanting different things in your life, then you probably seek out places to express and reinforce that, too.
And guess what?
Both of them will probably supply you with lots more of whatever it is that you're experiencing.

The second is that it reveals where the mind and heart lie.
Sometimes you are exposed to words or thoughts that lead you to understanding, even when you haven't captured what the question is, or what it is that you were trying to figure out.
But you come to that understanding at exactly that time from exactly that source because you're ready for it.


This is my blogging and sharing world, Friends.
Full of coincidences, and full of questions and inclinations and investigations - always inspiring me and furthering me along my path - more deeply, and more sure-footed.
I've said it before (and probably will for as long as we have this blessed avenue for sharing) that I am so astoundingly grateful to have this resource for exploration and introspection.
Though surely it's no coincidence......

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