Saturday, January 19, 2008

sunday's forecast

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Another addition of Sacred Life Sunday, a new Photo Challenge, and a full moon phase - this time in Cancer - a place for home and hearts.
Sounds lovely.

I've been thinking often the last few days about abundance. While I'm not ready to write about it quite yet, (I'm in the "in between") I feel that what I know to be true, and the way I have (thoughtlessly) been behaving are sort of at odds. I've had sort of a "there is not enough to go around" sort of behaving. Which goes against everything I believe in.
There is always enough for everyone. A wondrous, infinite supply, in fact.
In line with that shift I'd like to consciously make, I am considering keeping a gratitude journal again.
Maybe more on that tomorrow. Or later tonight, if I get so inspired. : )

There is a full moon in a few days - on Tuesday morning. While I don't always live and breathe for such things, I usually do follow what's going on - for a number of reasons. Often I am inspired by the earth's cycles, atmosphere, and seasons. Sometimes it's a way to re-align my self and spirit with the world outside my head.
Tomorrow morning - well, late tonight the moon moves into Cancer. Cancer is a place for emotional rapport, growth and nurturance, home, children, emotions, cooking, eating, love, mothers, family, divination, psychic development and impressions.

See what I mean? If you're feeling a lull, you can to look to something such as this, and think "aah, sounds interesting... how can I relate to this?...." or "what kind of gentle influence can contemplating such things have on me?...."

Pretty helpful, sometimes.

Anyway - I have a date with a couple of little imps - and I think I'm in charge of the popcorn. I'd best get on that.



whimsigal said...

Wow, this is really interesting. I just read over at Child's Play and am finding the connection between her post and your post here on tomorrow's moon transition into Cancer a wild one. You'll have to go read it and see if you think I'm off base.

Looking forward to your thoughts on abundance, friend. Enjoy your time with your little ones!

Mel said...

I am thankful you found my blog, so I could read yours. Deep thoughts here. Thanks.

Stephanie S. said...

Evie -
Oh, my!
Seems very interesting to me!

I'm finding so much of that, lately...