Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I Matter in the Universe: Quantum Physics, Critical Mass, and The Hundredth Monkey.

A mouthful, certainly.
It's meant to be.

Some of us (namely Me) don't have much problem feeling that we matter. Some folks believe that our individual vote doesn't make a difference. I personally have always believed that mine will be the deciding factor (indeed, even being a liberal in a sea of republicans!)- it's that important and imperative to my life and my world.

Did you know that on a sub-atomic level there is such a point as a Critical Mass? That if you take electrons and align them (and not even necessarily the majority, I don't think?), that you get to a critical mass - quantum physicists call it a phase transition, and at that point all the other electrons automatically align themselves?
People, too, are made up of these sub atomic particles.

Where this complexity becomes critical here and now - is that when people begin to think in a certain way, all of consciousness begins to shift. Humanity and the state of the world begins to change. Such as the abolition of slavery.
Not only did it begin its end in the middle of the nineteenth century in the US and Africa, but in unrelated places - in Asia, Indonesia... the consciousness of the planet began to shift.
Enough people began to say to themselves (in critical mass)"This isn't right", and revolution came from that consciousness. Different leaders were elected. People represented themselves differently. Awareness was changed.

There is also what is called "The Hundredth Monkey Effect".
Monkeys were taught (by humans) to wash sweet potatoes on an island, and others would watch them perform this activity. When it reached a critical mass, all the monkeys were found doing the same thing. Then it was discovered that monkeys on an entirely different island - over two hundred miles away were doing the same thing.

Further exploration of such (quantum mechanical) interesting thoughts can be found at Edward Mitchell's (astronaut of Apollo 14) articles and essays webpage.

I admit there are naysayers to such speculations, hypotheses, and theories - and knowings.
Of course we're all free to choose.
It is not my purpose on this Earth to argue and debate such things, and convince others of these truths. Well - necessarily. :) Besides that - I don't have the mental energy (or knowledge and capacity to explain such boggling things). I am a supposer and not a mathematician.
But nor shall I back down and dismiss the importance and magnitude of such a thing as thought.

thoughts. My thoughts. Indeed - the collective conscious and thought of the planet.
That is my business. And my interest.
I do not imagine that these little speculations and ponderings from the various inspiring corners of my life (home and books and resources and investigations) shall sway the world into thinking as I do.

But I would like to encourage people to consider that thought is powerful.
To be very careful about the words they express as Truth.
To be aware of their words when they say "I Am".

To be very aware and conscious and mindful of what is in their hearts, and what they Know To Be True.

Hopefully by considering such things we can move (as One) into a more Peaceful, Loving, Considering, Understanding Place, and Embrace the World.
For the sake of Yours, Mine, and Ours.
For the sake of You and Me.

Blessed Be.
In Peace.


piscesgrrl said...

Hmmm, this is so interesting! And this goes back to another of my favorite books, "The Treehouse" by Naomi Wolf, where in it she talks about the necessity of us living our truth, because it's really the only way. We think of doing 'big, outward' things, things that will "chg the world" - but the real ripples (vibrations) come from us living our truths, our gifts, and that way was truly touch and inspire those who are privy to it.

As always, good stuff here - thanks!

Aubrey said...

This is a wonderful, thought provoking post.
You are spesking s truth that has become so central and life changing for me this past year.
Thanks for saying it in your own unique style.


Pichinde said...

I especially liked these lines:

"But I would like to encourage people to consider that thought is powerful.
To be very careful about the words they express as Truth.
To be aware of their words when they say "I Am"."

Beautifully, simply put.


Stephanie S. said...

Thanks Laura, Aub, and Sarah.