Sunday, February 17, 2008

on holiday

Yesterday I went on holiday.
I could say that I went on vacation, but it is so charming and antiquated to say "on holiday", don't you think?

I'm not sure exactly though, when my holiday began. It may have begun the night before, when as I began adventures in India, I thought... the bath. I need to begin this one in the bath.
And it was divine, to be sure.

I didn't finish India that night, but I did decide somewhere there that I wasn't going to work the next day.

The next morning I tossed my camera into my purse, unplugged my laptop, tucked it under my arm, grabbed my purse, kissed my family, and said "See you in a few hours." Can you believe that? I actually left my family for a few hours.
Never have I done this. Never (aside from working on Saturdays).
Well, wait - I've left to go meet the Mama's a couple of times (once with the babes in tow) and once to go to dinner with Eric a couple of years ago.
But this is different,

This (kissing them all and waving as I went in search of solitary pleasure), in and of itself, :), was a holiday!

I sat in my neighborhood designer coffee shoppe (Beans and Brew) with two glasses of iced tea (I considered Chai, -it seemed appropriate- but I was looking forward to the caffeine) and a ham and cheese croissant, set up my notebook, listened to Thich Nhat Hanh and his words on Mindfulness, and proceeded to spend the next hour or two of my life in absolute bliss. Bliss, I tell you. Bliss.
Eventually I packed up my things and headed to one of my favorite locally owned book stores. Where I spend the next hour or two of my life. Perusing. Piddling. Inhaling decadent incenses. Touching stones. Listening to prospective cd's for meditation.
Bliss. Stillness.

All holidays must come to an end, and such was the fate of mine.
But it was lovely.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
[smile] I highly recommend it.


Aubrey said...

this post made me smile.
i have found it essential to go on regular holidays. i need to date myself, recharge the batteries, refresh my spirit.
your holiday sounds like it was wonderful.
good for you.

whimsigal said...

How wonderful for you! Sounds like a truly amazing respite. It was refreshing and relaxing just reading about it!



Lerend Zonder School said...

I sometimes have unintended holidays by where I need to go to the grocery store and then decide to make a right instead of a left and go to one of my favorite book stores to browse or to my favorite vintage/thrift store and walk around looking at every single item. I've never gone to a coffee shop before by myself (by the way if your wanting caffeine, try getting a chai with a shot of espresso, I first came across them in L.A., and their called "Chaispresso's), I've had Cup Of Joe downtown recreate them and I'm sure most others would too), but that would be a great way to lose myself in a book:)

Although when I get home Lee's always a little puzzled as to why it took me 3 hours to go grocery shopping:) I do tell him where I've been, as I've usually picked up something along the way, and now I think he expects it when I say "going grocery shopping".

I'm glad you had a lovely respite to recharge your spirits:)