Friday, February 22, 2008


Just in the last few days I've found myself beginning to need spring.

I've felt myself turning toward the sun the last few days.
Always toward the sun.

When the (seldom seen) sunlight streams an evening ray through my kitchen window and lights upon my counter all golden-like, I find myself staring at it, wanting to disappear into it.
In the mornings I can't seem to manage to find peace in my room downstairs for meditations and quiet. I can't find happiness in candlelight - when my longings are solely for the sun.

It's not even that I'm excited for gardening and flowers and green, necessarily.
I just need the sun.
I want to sit outside, and meditate in the sunlight.
Feel it on my shoulders.
Feel the warm earth under my bare feet.

I want to be outside.
In warmth.
In the light.
In the sun.

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