Friday, February 22, 2008

things that make me happy

Well - if it's finally working properly. We'll see.
Being able to write online anywhere and everywhere is pretty great. I don't like all those wires going every which way - and it's nice that Trev can be online doing his thing, too.

Wednesdays with friends. I'm so glad that we started up group again. Especially since Spring Fever is starting to make itself known.
I'm so thankful for having friends that understand the way we do things nearby.
So, so thankful.

I'm happy that things in our lives are pretty orderly and managed. Finances, papers, taxes, the two new computers are paid for, things are calm and tidy.

Books, books books.
I'm so loving drowning in books.
I just finished Anne of Green Gables this morning, and I'm chomping at the bit for the next one. (I really must tape Anne this year on pbs. )
I've started on Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan.

Again, the rain.

Eric mentioned to Trev this morning that soon we'll get the tramp put back up. "As soon as I clean up the yard, we'll put up the trampoline. If it snows a lot again we'll just sweep it off."
That was a promising offer!
It reminded me that it won't be winter and a thousand shades of brown and gray forever.
How lovely.
It's only February, that's true, but with the end of February comes the end of the harshest part of winter, and things begin to seem more promising with its passing.

Goddess of the Moon incense.
I bought five packages the other day. It makes me smile.

My relatively clean house.
Makes room for happy reading, don't you know.


Melissia said...

I love love love Anne of Green Gables. May have to add that one to my pile of reading.

Stephanie S. said...

lol - Aubrey told me the other day, "I have all twelve of them, you can borrow them." It was really, really hard not to call her and say "Um, I"m on my way over for the next five!"
I'm trying to wait til Wednesday....
I love it too.
So much.