Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Words

Two sets of words, today, actually.
None of them my own.

First - and I won't get it right, because it's been a while since I've heard them -
they have to do with the idea that most of us See, and only then do we try to Do, and then finally we are able to Be.
But what should be our focus is quite different - that first really we should Be, then certainly Do, and finally we will be able to See.
An interesting and promising concept.

It's been a busy day today, and a busy week filled up with children, family, reading, work, the mundane as well as the fun, and not too much in my head and heart this week.
I wasn't quite sure what to write about for Sacred Life Sunday.

A few minutes ago I land on my friend M's blog.
Here are her words that whispered to my heart then -
"...but it can be how I try to be, how I try to think of myself. The gentle thoughts tell me that meeting basic needs of sleep, food, exercise, spirituality, socializing, cleanliness are what my focus should be. They tell me to find inner peace, to feel balanced and quiet, so I can hear and listen to the promptings from my inner self, that is trying to help me be who I really am."

Beautifully said, M.
And a splendid gentle reminder.

To me it coincides with first Being, then Doing, and Seeing.
Claim it for your own, practice it, and pretty soon you shall see it residing deeply inside yourself.

I am thankful for today's Words.


KMDuff said...

I'm honored. And I love the reminder of Being then Doing and Seeing. It does go well together.

Oh and the picture of it is really cool!

Sheri said...

So inspiring... and so needed today. *sigh* As usual you have given me much to think about. :)