Wednesday, March 05, 2008

today sucks

Today sucked.
I suck.
I've already vented on my local hs board.

I have no desire to go over it again.


See you tomorrow.


Aubrey said...

oh, sweet friend.
i am so sorry you had a rough day.
here's a big hug to you.
also- you never, ever suck.
you rock.

p.s.- i adore the picture you painted.

whimsigal said...

Well, I can't read why you "sucked" because I'm not a member there but, knowing how sweet, kind, and awesome you are, surely you don't "suck".

Whatever happened I'm really sorry you have a bad day and I hope it got better quickly for you!


Stephanie S. said...

It was just one of those lame Mamahood days- where you take exception to tones and the children's wails of "Why is my life so terrible?" and "You never let me do anything..." and "Daddy is my only friend in the world."
Every have one of those?
I could have chosen to be extra generous (with understanding and love) and instead I chose to feel sorry for myself and not show any coping skills.
But today is much better, and I thank you for your very comforting words.
Much love to you.

whimsigal said...

Well, I'm glad today is much better, friend. It makes me sad when you're sad!

We have days like that frequently so I can empathize with how you felt.

Take care of you on your sabbatical and we'll be here to read your inspirational words when you return.

Much love to you, too!