Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hellooo! Helloooo! Helloooo!

Hi friends.
I have been very busy. Obviously.

But - it's coming along!!!

Please check out my hard work today, Here. It's going to be a huge compilation of virtual fieldtrips.

It's not done, but it is begun, and I'm proud of the work on the site.
For homeschoolers and nons, unschoolers, and textbookers. :)

Oh! And feel free to click on an ad, if you are so inclined to support a working homeschooling (via unschooling) Mama.

I hope to be back very, very soon!


whimsigal said...


That is SOOOO awesome!!! We are going to LIVE there!

what a ton of work that must have been for you! I'm going to bookmark that on the boys' computers tonight.

Wow! WOW! WOW!


Kim said...

This is just marvelous. Can I put the link in my sidebar? I explored it a little and noticed that there was alot of stuff outside Utah, so I think alot of my HSing friends will love it. Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work.
Not that I am the spell checker, but I am kindof protective of one of my most favorite places on earth. So just for me could you change the spelling to "La Tour Eiffel?" Thanks and I look forward to utilizing this site....well done!!!
Love you,

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness, Steph what an amazing thing to do for people! I can't show my kids until we get back, I'll never get them out the door!

Stephanie S. said...

Guys - Thanks so much!
I'm pleased with it so far.

Kim - eek! I can't believe I misspelled it! sheesh! (one of my worst nightmares, being caught misspelling something!)

Of course you can put in a link, I would really appreciate it.

All of you - feel free to email me with things that I have left out!


Kim said...

You've almost got just added an extra "L" this time. The correct spelling is E-I-F-F-E-L. Those crazy French people, don't they know it should be speeled like it sounds....AYFELL!!!

Kim said...

Also, we have been enjoying this lately, and it is here in Maine.
It's an eagle cam that is updated every 15 seconds.

Stephanie S. said...

Got it!....

Thanks for the link -
I'm actually working on webcams next - we have one here, too, watching the peregrines at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!

lerend zonder school said...

Wow Steph! Loads of useful info and sites. This is right up our alley, and one we will definitely frequent!

piscesgrrl said...

Dang grrrl, I haven't been around lately and look what you've been up to! Nicely done! That's an amazing collection - you've been busy!