Saturday, April 19, 2008

in my head

I woke up a couple of hours ago.
Haven't been back to sleep.
You know how it is.

'Specially if you've got somethin' on your mind.

Tonight - this morning - whatever - it happens to be business.

My friend Aubrey (and Soleil and Xavier) came to visit us today, and we enjoyed a wide variety of discussions, among then a conversation that she had with another friend of ours a couple of days ago regarding business, website and ads.

I've been seriously thinking about getting rid of the Backyard Capers subscriptions for about three months now, and just doing ads instead.
The reason I didn't in the first place is that I wanted a pleasant design, and ads tend to make me feel chaotic. I like orderliness.
But as Aubrey pointed out, if I'm going to do the work for BC anyway, I may as well get paid for it.
I don't have loads and loads of subscriptions, even though I really think it's a great service.

Another reason that I haven't changed it to ads instead of subscriptions is that it means a complete overhaul, a complete change of design.
More work. :) (I'm not afraid of work, you understand, it's the "Give me just a minute...." when my children need me.)

Lastly.... I have subscribers, and it will mean a refund to them. Not a big deal, but still, inconvenient, and a bit of money.

I think what I'll have to do is to design the pages one by one, when I have extra time :), and get the ads in them. A few of the subscriptions are coming close to expiration, so I won't have to worry about those.
If I started now, I could probably have it completely ready in two or three months. (Done at my leisure and not stressed out about it.)

It would be nice to be linked with lots of other locals, and especially nice if Steph gets another local project/blog going.

I think that I've checked enough stuff out tonight that I've made up my mind about it.
I can just do google ads for now, and link with/advertise for locals if I feel that I want to stay dedicated to the project.
It'll mean dedicatedly blogging at BC, and getting serious about putting in local parks, hikes, and such, but that probably won't be so bad.

I'm tired and rambling.
Think I've worked it out well enough that I can sleep now...

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whimsigal said...

Wow, that's quite a plan for something you call rambling! Sounds like you got it all worked out in your head in a way that will fit in well with your lifestyle.

good for you!