Wednesday, April 16, 2008

almost laughable

yesterday i read on the "no child left inside" site that "Children as young as five showed a decrease in ADD symptoms when they were engaged with nature."

Do ya think?

Could it be because some children are "naturalists" in their thinking?
Could it be because they are outside, learning and exploring freely instead of sitting in a closed room being told to memorize?
Could it be because they are free to move around?
Could it be because they are actively making sense of their world?

I would laugh if it weren't so painful.


KMDuff said...

I just had my first comment about how my oldest reminded someone of their son at that age and how ADD/challenged that son is now.

He is not ADD. He is his own person. He loves nature, learning & moving and doing HIS thing.

He is perfect the way he is.

ladybug-zen said...

both of my boys are so happy and peaceful when they are engaged with the living world around them.