Wednesday, April 16, 2008

not to be denied

i'm not usually one who denies my climate.
i don't plant tomatoes before the first (if i'm feeling daring) or second week in May (we have a frost date of May 15 around here, and often get snow in May), and I don't usually have fits if it does snow in May.

but this i tell you - i refuse to lock up my house again this year.

the furnace is still on 62-63 (though it's not coming on very often), but friends - my windows are cracked.
i need them open.
i refuse to be shut up and locked in any more this year.

i need fresh air.
i need the changes the spring wind brings.
it's the renewal, the cleansing, the rejuvenation that i refuse to shut us off from.

even if it's damned cold i'm still inviting it in.

1 comment:

whimsigal said...

It can feel confining to be all locked up waiting for spring. THe house gets so stuffy! You've inspired me to crack my windows tonight and let the fresh air in.

Feels tranquil just saying it!

Hope you are well!!