Friday, April 11, 2008

one more day...

Can I make it through one more day of cold? (High of 48 degrees and north wind predicted today.)
I'm not certain....

The weather-people say sixty and sunny tomorrow, seventy on Sunday, and 78-80 on Monday and Tuesday.
I have been living (solely) for this for the past several days.
I have gotten many inside chores done so that I can live outside in the sunshine for several days straight.

I want away from televisions. I want away from cartoon network games. I want away from synthesized and simulations.
I want my heater off and my windows open.
I want bare feet that are not cold, sun on my skin, listening to birds and dirt under my fingernails. I need it. I am becoming frantic and desperate.

I'm not certain I can make it.
But I shall try....


Canterbury Academy said...

I'm right there with you! We are also all getting over being sick...which seems to be dragging on...Then there's spring cleaning!

Even though we are getting rain and drop in temperatures this weekend, I am determined to get out of the house!!!


Sheri said...

You can make it, I know you can. Summer sunshine and green foliage are on their way.



piscesgrrl said...

Me TOOooooo. It's warmer today but so windy you can't stand up. *sigh*