Saturday, April 12, 2008


Aside from my Little Son being sick :( I am so very happy today.
P. Allen Smith greeted me this morning, and now I'm watching its proceeding show.
I am so eager to work in my front yard, today!!

I think I am taking out the four rose bushes at the front fence (I don't particularly like them, and they take all the sun in the front, and I have like 18 or so rosebushes in the back) and I believe we are putting in a dwarf fruit tree in front (either peach, cherry, or apple - something we'll eat) and we are placing a blackberry (or two) bush in the front, along with raspberry transplants.

Since we're planning to grow food in our front yard and plan to grow them quite thick for privacy (we're very tired of our neighbors minding our business) we'll put in lots of beauties, too, to keep it appealing.
That's where the tall Shasta's come in, and I think I bought a dozen foxgloves yesterday. I prefer cottage garden style anyway, so mixing tomatoes with cucumbers and daisies and lupine is quite acceptable to me.

Well - think I'll fix my first glass of tea, put on a couple of layers (to be taken off as the day progresses) and get to it.

Have a truly lovely day.

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