Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Among our (mine and the children's) friends, it's understood that the children are welcome to the popsicles. They're likely to eat a a box or two in an afternoon.
Most of us have children that will eat a box in two days.

I don't get wiggy over it, usually. I figure it's no different than Kool-Aid, which has never been consumed in my home. (We're juice drinkers when it's flavor we're after, usually organic.)

Trev and I walked to the store a few minutes ago, and upon putting Maddie's tiny Dora popsicles in the freezer (remember when we were kids, and they were those double ones?) I thought I'd check out the stats, to deliver the news to DH, who tends to say "Eat something good before you have another popsicle, please..."

Dora Popsicles - serving size: 2.
Calories: 60. Psh.
Ounces of liquid: 1.1.

And there you have it.
They could eat 8 in a row, and it would not amount to one medium size glass of kool-aid.

Which I suspected all along, but it's nice to come face to face with it.


Julie said...

That's good to know:) Our neighbor does buy the double ones, I notice the kids don't ask for that many when their eating those.

I've been trying (their a bit on the pricey side) to buy the Dryer's (I think that's the brand) anyway it's a big box and their fruit juice, no colors/flavors ect.. Not that I mind (like you) too much with the others, but it does help me from becoming wiggy about it, especially when their on their second box in 2 days:)

Sheri said...

We totally have the Mr. Freeze ones. You know the ones that are like 500 for $3.oo. I have no desire whatsoever to check the sugar content. You are a far better woman than I. :)