Wednesday, July 30, 2008

checking in with Inspiration

The last couple of weeks have been filled with Summery Goodness. We've had lots of time with friends - had dinners, and fireworks, barbecues, and lots of sunshine.
Dates have been made to start the homeschool groups (mostly with our unschooling friends) back up again - Mom's Night, the unschooler's meet-up, Art and Craft Circle, and Project Wild. We even have begun the steps to begin a Scout circle - I'm awaiting the paperwork for a SpiralScouts charter. Very excited about that.
School supplies are lined up shiny and so tidy in the stores. Offering so much goodness and freshness in the name of organization and new beginnings.
Friends send notes saying "I'm putting in an order for art supplies.... do you want anything?..." so we'll all get free shipping.
Which leads to online shopping for art supplies.
And then books.
And then science supplies.

So today I'm expecting a medium sized box of inspiration in the post.

We've ordered (well, I've ordered) petrie dishes and agar. And an owl pellet kit with extra pellets in case friends want to come over and explore with us. And a physics kit. And slide covers as well as bluing and eosin y for studying our own cells.

We are also expecting books - Aquatic Habitats, a math/building book about geometric concepts and experiments called Build It! Festival, a book on Chemical Reactions, Identifying Animal Tracks, and three little books about studying our (local) environment - One Small Square: Pond, One Small Square: Woods, and One Small Square: Backyard.

The babes' rooms are organized.
The zoobs are with the zoobs. The morphs are with the morphs. The cuisenaire rods are with the cuisenaire rods. The tangrams, the legos, the lincoln logs, and the gears are in the shoe boxes, coffee cans, or wicker boxes where they belong.

I am eager to go downstairs and reorganize and rearrange our shelves - making room for the new, and making sure everything that should be is accessible.
I'm anticipating excitedly going through toys (getting the children's permission) that have been outgrown or broken.
I'm thrilled about new books, new clay, new experiments, clean shelves and organized microscope slides.

I'm inspired.
Life is good.

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Julie said...

Sounds the same around here:) Ordered art supplies, need to get Damek and see what he wants as far as the Explorations in Math & Science is concerned, and he's loving the 2 discs you let us borrow, so gotta look for some software as well.

Oh, about the owl pellets, we did them last year in Project Wild and Damek is not interested in doing them again quite yet. Thanks for asking though:)

I'm also in the mood to organize, organize, organize. Especially before we get our art supplies. Might have to splurge on a couple shelving units, as I'm tired of living amongst piles of things down in the basement:)

We are also inspired as of late, keep us posted on your activities!