Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Moppin' the Moose

(sans photos - camera got drowned. hopefully we'll fix that soon.)

I think I've mentioned Mopping The Moose before.

I got it from AU - Always Unschooled a year or two ago.

I guess it's from a story, which I haven't read, but as soon as I heard the words "mopping the moose" I laughed/cried, as I could so relate to such words -- to me it says so much for my life, my ways, and my thinking.
For me it goes something like (which could be entirely different from the intent of the author) - Maddie wants a bath. But it's been three or four days since the tub has been scrubbed, so I need to do that, first. But it's almost bedtime, and she's very sleepy, so she may very well fall asleep (or close to it) in the tub, so I had better have the bed ready for her to snuggle into when she's out of the bath. Of course she'll need dinner first, and we're having xxxx, but I must clean off the stove before I can cook, but that means I need to clean the paints out of the sink so that I can wash the pan that I'll need for supper.... oh, damn, the sheets are wet in the laundry, I need to hang them up - oh, the line is still full with yesterday's (or the day before that or the day before that)'s laundry, so I'll have to take that down, course I don't have a basket to put them in, as they're all full....

You see how it goes. Mopping the Moose.

Right now our living space - the regular rooms - are... um... a bit chaotic. (Nothing that a half hour in each room wouldn't cure.)

I've been downstairs organizing --and playing (organizing beads, books, play things) for the last three days. Er... and shopping for organizational materials.

My dear darling husband left the house today for work wondering if he was ever going to see any semblance of sanity in our home. I think he's a bit frightened.

Here's the thing, Babe.

In all this playing reorganization, I've managed to empty at least one big rubbermaid storage box. That might not mean much to you - but think of all the toys that will soon go to Aunt Sam. And think of all the clothes that Madd and Trev have outgrown, and we now have a place to put them(storage box). That means Clean Closets.
Now clean closets may not impress you over much - but know that when a closet is clean, the room is soon to follow.
Tidy hidden corners are the bare bones of a well-organized home. To my mind.

So fear not, Babe.

It might take a week.

'Might even take two.

But it will get done.

Sometimes you gotta clear out all the gunk in order to have a flowing and wondrous space.

Sometimes feeling impelled to Mop The Moose is a good thing.


Mama Podkayne said...

I'll join you in spirit with the mop bucket. We're Spring cleaning here too.

We have actually managed to empty our home of 39 rubbermaid totes worth of stuff we didn't need, want, or have use for. Things we moved here with 10 years ago. Things family had given us under the guise of "heirloom" (right....). Things. Lots of things.

We have a HUGE house and when corners get filled with things it can be hard to notice.

That said, I'm going to start posting pictures of my house as I clean.

Cheers to you and your moose!

Mama Podkayne said...

Also, why the label, WHERE"S Judy? Just curious?

Stephanie S. said...

Judy is who we call on when either we're going down (flailing), need someone to blame, or are begging for help with the Babes. :)
She's a Garlic. Or she's a Garland.
Depends on the moment. (and who you're asking.)
"There's no such person as Judy, Dad. Judy is a Garlic," says Little Son.