Friday, August 08, 2008

Cartoon Network Is Banned

How's that for a headline?

There are certain things that my son really doesn't like.

The Wizard of Oz.
All the witches in the Disney movies. (We've never watched Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and several others for this reason. Even though we own them.)
The black and white movies Wolfman and Dracula (that have been kicked out of the playroom where we keep the videos - permanently).
Loud noises.

A few weeks ago he saw something on CN, I think it was on The Amazing Adventures of Flapjack, that really upset him. Creeped him out.
I don't know what, as he likes to keep these (cartoon) things to himself, I think he fears it will grow if he talks about it.

We discussed how long scary feelings last. He wants to know what I have scary feelings about. I tell him the truth, and how upset feelings can last a day or two, and sometimes longer.

About a week and a half later, after letting him know that it would lessen every day, and soon it wouldn't have the power to frighten him anymore - he'd be able to think about it without being upset, he announced that his Scary Feeling wasn't bothering him anymore.

We talked about how he can choose to not watch those videos (online) again. No orders, just open dialogue.
He made sure not to watch those particular episodes.

About a week ago we were at our friend's house, and Trev and his friend and a neighbor were discussing Flapjack. Trev seemed alright, he was laughing and talking with them about it.
The next day he came to me crying and upset and scared. He had seen something on The Grimm Adventures.

"What can we do, Mom?"
"Would you feel better if you didn't watch any Cartoon Network?"
"Yes!! I want cartoon network banned!"
"Okay.... Will that make you feel better? If you know it can't sneak up on you and scare you?"
"Yes! I want it banned!"
"Okay - shall we say for a week?"
"Well... a week would be good, but how about a month?"
"How about two months?"
A surprised me agreed.
We made an exception for Scooby Doo.
I honestly thought he didn't mean it, really, and that he'd get in a "I want to watch tv" mode, and want to watch it two days later.
Which I would be open to, after we discussed it and made sure that was what he really wanted.

It has been just over a week, I think.
Not one moment of CN on the tellie.
And not one moment of CN on the computer.
Not one mention of it at all.

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