Saturday, July 05, 2008

lessons in Hilarity

Hilarity so obscure and outrageous that I cannot even properly name and point to the specific particulars. Or the "Scientific Spe-ci-al-i-ty" if you prefer.

The first might have been The Wait (which would be the preceding post).
But it may have begun before that - I can't be sure-- as my brain isn't very reliable in its present state.
Could be that I lost it in The Straws - the ones I bought because it seems that the children are forever looking for A Straw, and that if they only had A Straw, this milk would surely be So Much Better. The same straws that I've picked up off the floor twice in two days and the ones that are now decorated with dog-hair and no one wants to use for drinks, and are only good for spilling and piling and strewing on the floors of various rooms....

Following The Wait was lunch/dinner/whatever/ie Mama notices that the babes are in immediate requirement of some delegated nutrition.

During which Trevelyn shouts (they're at the table, because I've already made the livingroom shiny-clean, and later found peas ground into the carpet) "I can't stand the looks of that Canteloupe!!!" So I (in my hilarity) put up a blockade of a pitcher of tea, a vase of dried-up flowers, and a few other barriers between him and his Sister, to which he responded "The smell is still coming around the sides - it needs Two More Things On The Ends!!!" To which I added (in my further Hilarity) a few bottles of essential oils to The Sides.
"That might do it..." he conceded.
We picked up the Walky-Talkies and started "Roger"ing and "Copy That"ing and "Over"ing all over the place. With much enthusiasm.
Living pool-side for a while.
Then the tallest of us (that would be me) decided that she was in need/want of a cold beer, and found there was none to be had.
"We need to go to The Mercantile, over...."

After some "I'm ready, over"'s, I reminded Junior about Foot Protection.
Littlest Junior comes to me a couple of minutes later, and says "I've got my Foot Protection!"
Which led to further hilarity.
It is damned near a hun'erd outside, after all.

Little Son comments that I'm in a strange mood, and I don't want to frighten him, so I back off a bit.

It's great fun to lose your mind sometimes.
A momentary lapse of reason.

As per tunes and Mama's (groovin') Peristence...

So you think you can tell
Heaven from hell?
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell...

Sometimes I can.
And sometimes....
things get all mixed up.

Thanks goodness.

Now I hear the neighbor girls (grown-ups) laughing with Hilarity at 10:28pm.

Life is good.

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