Saturday, July 05, 2008

via connection "Unsecured USRxxx"

Here's today's story.

I'm cleaning along.
Not in an ecstatic, I'm so happy sort of way (which sometimes happens), nor in an efficient I'm-busy-get-(the-hell) out-of-my-way way (which is common during pms - I started yesterday, btw), just in a this is how it is sort of way. Not irritated over finding spilled crackers and gummy worms and cups sitting sideways on the pallet next to my bed. Which is pretty great. To not be upset by it, I mean.
I thank God daily that roaches are not common in this part of the world.

Listening to various things on my ipod - Naomi Aldort, John Kabat-Zinn, and finally Wayne Dyer.
"I wanna pway Stah-fall."
"Alright.... I'll get that right up for you."
Except... no internet connection.
You're kidding.
Here we go again.
Laundry, line, vacuum.... okay.... time to call and wait on the line for an hour-and-a-half. Time? 1:33. Okay. I'll be done by 4.

Welp - may as well finish up the kitchen that dh started.
Dishes first. Unload.
"Eric - bring me the baking soda from outside, it's by the pool - it's the last that I have...." ...I'm trapped.
More counters.
Drip pans under stove burners.
Part of stove under drip pans. Whatever that's called.
Counter in back of counter.
Where the miniatures and pretties are.
Okay... Pretties, too.
Time? Hour and a half. Aah - any second, now.
Wayne talking and talking.
Mind starts to wander.
Approaching two hours.
Wayne talks about "looking for occasions to be offended".
Maybe I can respond to tech with cheerfulness, after all.
Skip complaints of waiting for two hours?

Here I have to say, that even as I thought of these things, I sort of objectively likened it to a grieving process.
Myriad of emotions.
A sense of rightness with the world. Followed by righteous indignation. Pride. How dare you? It's fine.... look at all that I'm accomplishing....
(you see how my mind works)

What next? Another counter.
Cupboard fronts.
Another load of dishes unloaded.
Cast irons washed and oiled.

Two and a half hours...
How do I feel about that?...
Oooh - this area behind Maddie's chair is pretty despicious - wall (two of them), then pantry door, then spice door, baseboard.
Careful while washing the phone!!! Don't wanna hang up accidentally! phew.
Hmmm - wonder if those spots on the ceiling can be washed without too much aggravation?
Cloth, cleaner, spray spray spray...
Can I even reach?
Ooooh, I can, and it's coming up pretty good.....

click click click rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh dear.

My chin (due to my industrious stretches) hit the reset button.

Four minutes short of three hours.


No at&t 'net today!


KMDuff said...

After 3 hours on hold? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Glad you can make a laugh about it.

Julie said...

Yes, most definitely it's nice you can laugh about it. I guess you have a clean kitchen thanks to at&t:) No worries.

Stephanie S. said...

I'd lost (and still am taking absence from its presence) my mind.

I'm letting it out if you know of anyone who wants to try a different one on for a few days...,