Thursday, July 03, 2008

One bowl of Gentleness, please. With an extra scoop.

I don't know why we can't just have things when we need them.

I like to think that I'm an advanced enough person - I'm not being arrogant here, really, just honest - that I can conjure up such things for myself when needed.
I'm not saying I should be immune to heartache and headache while my fellow man suffers. And I'm not saying I deserve better. I don't believe either of those things.
What I am saying is: When you know what it is you Need, and are willing to embrace it totally, and take whatever snatches of it you can get, it should just be there for the taking. You know?

Like taking a walk with your ipod and listening to lectures about Mindfulness. By the way, I learned today that Mind and Heart are the same word in all Asian languages. Isn't that interesting?
Like plucking sun-warmed blackberries off the canes when you get back from a meditative walk.
Like taking pictures of a beautiful fuzzy bee while standing less that a foot from her while she does her fancy work.
Like pouring a glass of cold beer to take outside to sit in your meditation chair for a bit with your laptop.
Like meandering slowly around the gardens in the 100 degree afternoon offering a refreshing, cool drink of water to your beauties in the shade.
And to your Self.
Like listening to the gentle voice of Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Like contemplating and anticipating barbecuing, sunning, swimming, and lazing with friends in just a little while.
Like ignoring a messy house for Just a Bit Longer.

As it turns out -
Gentleness comes, after all.
When least expected.

And most desired.

Gentle blessings are being sent your way, too.
For when you most need them.

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Julie said...

Lovely post:) And definitely when I'm most needing them after a somewhat challenging week. Thank you Steph.