Monday, July 21, 2008

pond part ii

note: read at your own risk, post is quite scattered and illiterate!....

oh how i wish i had a camera, friends.
can you believe that i dropped it yesterday at the waterpark?
oh yes i did!
dunked it full under for a whole second - three quarters?- or so.
we'll see what comes of it.... it's drying out under a lamp....

dig pond?
carpets down (for padding against any missed rocks or tree roots?)
to dh...."are you ready to take us on an adventure?" (as digging out a pond requires a cold beer to my mind, and i have taken that liberty, and will not drive....)
"what sort of adventure?"
"to look for rocks, and to home depot for that $10 giant palm tree...."
which will be housed inside in winter, to help cleanse our air during the inversion, of course. seriously - i get mega headaches from pollution during wintertime.....

Mama Spot? (read: humble meditation throne)
Under Construction, still.
let's see....

claw and scrape and dirt-up-to-my-shoulders-quite-literally, covered in it (as is little laptop),
so satisfied.
there is something quite marvelous and magical to be said for quit literally carving your place out of damp and soft, friendly soil.....

Spot, then?

now we just need the bordering stones.....
"Ready, Babe? It's gonna be dark, soon....."


Aubrey said...

wow. when you set out to do something you really mean business.
so sorry about the camera...
hoping it makes a full recovery.

oh, and i am looking forward to seeing your pond in all its glory.

EC said...

Ahhhh!!! I would freak out if I dropped my camera in the water! I sincerely hope yours is fine. We would all miss the wonderful pics you post along with your words here.

I second what Aubrey said about looking forward to seeing your pond although she probably get to see it in person while I will have to settle for a photo. :)

Be well!