Monday, July 21, 2008

whadda ya do...

... when you've been thinking Pond at the western (for water) border (of your property) for four years
chickens (last year and part of this one, 'til dh says "No." (The Feminist in me demands that I tell you that of course He is not the final word, but that he also has An Equal Voice in this household...)
when you find yourself trying to outrun your babes first thing in the morning insisting "I'm in a time-out, really!!!" looking frantically for a meditation spot among herbs and earthiness....
for two hours.
And the bills are paid.
And there's a few extra bucks in the checking account?

Dig a pond, of course.

Think ethereal OM-ness.
Think drowns out the noise of the cooler, and quite possible the shouts of the babes playing in the pool.

I write this as Maddie spots my face and arm with blue raspberry scented magic marker.

You get my point, don't you?
I don't need to justify "Peaceful Water Garden", to you!

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