Wednesday, August 20, 2008


1968, Tom Brokaw

"we felt that our government was lying to us..."

"how many more men? how many more lives? a government that tells us we are close to the end of the war..." ted kennedy

moving consciousness

arlo guthrie says "we just wanted a simple life..."

"how many roads must a man walk down... before you call him a man?"

government talks about the need for "unity".

it's said on the evening news that landing on the moon is a successful, unifying event in a year when humanity has done nothing to be very proud of.

school children believed that leaders did not ever die of old age. that they were always assassinated.

the silent majority is born.

into october of this year i was born.
i'd have to say that i come by it "natural".
and i am grateful for it.

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