Thursday, August 14, 2008


Be warned this post is not for the faint of heart. Or the faint of Religious Faith, for that matter. Those feeling in a serious mood should move on.
You've been warned!

We (Eric and I) are not bumper sticker sort of people.
Not that we don't admire some of them.
And not [choke] that we have nothing to say. [rolls eyes] puh-lease, she mutters, making fun of herself.

It's just one of those things.
Like a tatt.
Once you do it, you're committed.
And once you Do It, one is never never enough.

So we've refrained.

My friend Julie tempted me sorely a couple of months? ago, by buying a couple from the Natural Child Project.
But No.

In comes crash.
Beloved Dear Truck is totalled. (Says insurance, and more importantly, Trusted Mechanic.)

Find new car.
Nissan or 4Runner. (we're a fan of the Japanese suv's.) Whichever One says "I want to be a part of your family!!"

Nissan it is, then.
New Dear Truck boasts a couple of decorations from Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. Very Cool, and matches burly ski/bike/luggage rack quite nicely.
But... we've never been to Germany.

Well, then.
Now's the time!

License plate frame.
And another statement...
Because I believe it with everything that I am.

And oh, another one....Because, you know, chances are, it's True...

Er... and another that says "Love to learn forever.... Unschool!"

And just One More (for Mama)...It appears that I am making up for lost time. (Not that all will necessarily make it to Dear Truck's backside.)

Dh has long wanted a Jesus Fish.
(Most of you should skip the rest of this post.)
Not a typical one, however.
Or even the Darwin one.
No, the one he wants says Satan.
Not because dh is a Satanist.
No... he's an Atheist. (and irreverently laughs at the whole idea.)
But he fancies himself (as do I) very Punk Rock.
And (unlike me -- I have no such Glorious Aspirations) a Rock Star.
(though while true, this story is also a poke at dh. We'll see if it compels him to submit a comment at last.)

"Since you're putting all those stickers on.... I want a Satan fish."
I remember well Beverly's commentary on Fish. (and strive to practice embracing diversity myself.)
"Okay." I agree.

I look online for said Fish.
At first I didn't see one....

But, equally good,
I did find this.....

[choke and sputter]
I think it will do.
Our friends will be able to find our New Truck, now.


Julie said...

Love 'em all!

I've always loved bumper stickers, and since I bought my first car at 18 have always had at least a couple.

Lee also loves the Satan fish, and yes, he as well is not a satanist:) I bought him a "Praise Seitan" shirt for father's day. Seitan is the wheat gluten meat substitute. The shirt is black and behind the lettering is a red picture of a skull with a knife and fork as crossbones:)

I did have the Darwin fish on one of my cars about 14 years ago (purchased locally at the old Gaia shop downtown) but it went with the car when I sold it.

You may have just inspired me to purchase some more stickers:)

Stephanie S. said...

Which, of course, makes me like Lee even better....

MamaK said...

That is super funny. I was going to have a post once in which everyone would take pics of their bumper stickers, because they are revealing, you know. I should do that and I'll link this post. sometime this week...-K.

EC said...

Absolutely hilarious! I want the Darwin fish but the Fish N'Chips one would do me just fine, too.