Tuesday, September 30, 2008


aside from not doing much -er, if any at all- work lately in my own head, life is practically perfect.

we (and by we I mean those of us that are lucky enough to be free to truly enjoy our days) have had glorious weather. i think of it as the Great Mother's way of bestowing blessings upon us - since we were never scorched for long periods this summer Autumn was a surprise to most of us. She's giving us time to get used to the idea, and is easing us out of summer, I think.
so we acknowledged her gift yesterday and refilled the pool. one more time.

life has been filled with friends and play.

gallivanting with determined stomps.

explorations and discoveries.

the morning is perfect with an early morning cup of coffee to ward off the slight chill - to be followed in an hour by glasses of iced tea.

our home is in acceptable shape, the outside lists of chores are getting shorter, everything is humming and whirring as it should be.

everything outside my open door whispers and chirps encouragement and promises.


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mamakopp said...

It's nice here. I will be back. Thanks for welcoming me to Growing Naturally :)